Rainy Day Mushrooms

During the summer, I wrote my first blog post titled Mushroom Whimsy.  I shared photos of a mushroom I'd decorated with berries and flowers.  I thought it would be a fun to try again only expand the idea a bit.  It rained most of last week so I thought there were sure to be lots of mushrooms sprouting out of the ground.  I took the dogs for a walk and kept a lookout but there was not one in sight.  It was not until I was on my way home when I turned a corner and there they were.  My mouth literally dropped open as I spied six or seven humongous mushrooms growing out of a single mound in front of a nearby house.  The largest measured ten inches tall and some were in clusters of three!  I pulled out several to take home, and began to collect an assortment of wildflowers, berries, persimmon tops, and other natural elements which caught my eye.  The pokeweed plant held a delightful surprise; as I cut the unripe green berries off the main stem, I discovered the magenta five "petals" underneath!  

 Large mushroom measures 8" tall, small mushroom, 4" tall.

Three alternate versions done layering photos using the Superimpose app.

Mushroom measures 9 inches tall.