Metro Views Portfolio

First, I want to announce that I am now commuting to D.C. three times a week as I am working part time instead of full time at Robert Allen Design! My life feels so much more balanced as I am able to play tennis again on Mondays which I have been doing for the past 22 years (!), work on art and various projects, write my blog, and travel to see my family in Houston and friends in California. It's working out wonderfully and I feel very grateful.  

I continue to find inspiration on the metro as there are so many characters I see each time I ride. One day as the metro arrived, I spotted a girl with a purple hair and unusual hairdo so I ran over to the car she was on and found a seat right behind her.  Score! Generally, I do a quick rough sketch since I don't know how long my subject will stay. Sometimes I am able to observe for 40 minutes, other times they are off the metro at the next stop.  I also take a photo for reference as I finish the sketch up at home.