Corola de la Moda

What a pretty name, I thought, when I learned that the botanical name for the petals of a flower is corolla.  I am using photographs of flowers to create colorful clothing ensembles, so I named the collection of drawings Corola de la Moda, which is Spanish for petal fashion.  The color, shape, and pattern of each flower determines the direction I take.  First, I remove the background of the photo, then add it, layer by layer, to a sketch, using my favorite drawing app, Procreate.  I've been somewhat obsessed as of late, averaging four to five drawings a week!  They are very time consuming but I get lost in the process and have no sense of time passing. This is what's called being in the present moment, which is the healthiest place to be in life, and I am so grateful to have an outlet which takes me there.