Memory Lane

My Tia has been on my mind quite often as of late.  Every so often I wear her medal which is engraved with the Serenity Prayer.  It's a healthy reminder to accept "what is".  Acceptance and non judgement,  My mantra is to tell myself that everyone is doing the best they can.  This morning I was looking through some old photo albums and ran across a few old photos that made me smile.

In the first photo, I was about 12 years old and my Tia was in her 50's.  She didn't like to smile in photos so she looks quite stern but she wasn't at all.  The second photo was taken in my cute little kitchen in Manhattan Beach where John and I lived when we first moved in together.  The next photo doesn't need a description!  And the last photo was taken at Mission San Juan Capistrano the day Eric was baptised.