Our Daily Bread

Last Sunday, I asked John what he wanted for dinner and because it was a non-stop rainy, chilly day, he said a roasted chicken sounded good.   I thought a baguette would be a nice accompaniment but since I haven't found a wonderful baguette anywhere except in a few local restaurants, a bakery in Boulder, Colorado, and everywhere in France (!), I decided to make biscuits instead.  This led me to Our Daily Bread, a cookbook my Tia gave me forty years ago!  Whenever I look at this cookbook, I read the words she wrote in her shaky handwriting and smile; "I hope this book gives you many happy baking hours."  It has.

My Tia (Tia is Spanish for aunt) raised me from the time I was ten years old up until my college years.  She was a wonderful person with an enormous heart, an open mind and spread her love unconditionally to all.  She also had an amazing green thumb and taught me a lot about gardening.  I often hear her words when I choose flowering plants for my garden- don't pick the pot that's full of blooms, look at how many buds it has.  There is deeper wisdom there than I ever realized.  I am very grateful for the example she set for me during the years I spent with her.  She passed on several years ago but I hold her in my heart forever.