Rose Breasted Grosbeak

When we moved to Virginia twenty one years ago, our realtor gave us a housewarming gift; an iron pole with a hook, a bird feeder, and bird seed.  We were astounded!  What the heck do we do with this?! What was she thinking?!  Consequently it all went into storage and stayed there for several years.  But one day, we realized what an incredible array of colorful birds we were seeing in our yard.  We retrieved the bird feeder, cleaned up the cobwebs, placed it in the backyard, and the rest is history.  We now have three bird feeders, one suet cage, and several birdbaths, one which is heated during the winter season. One feeder holds cracked sunflower seed and the other, safflower seed, for those who prefer an alternative flavor.  The third is used only during the summer and holds nectar for hummingbirds.  This is all to say that John and I have become birders.  Totally unexpected, but I learned after moving to Virginia  that when John was a young boy, he was fascinated by birds and dreamed of seeing a Goldfinch in real life so he is in hog heaven here in Virginia.  Over the past several years, we have seen over twenty kinds of birds all in our backyard!  A few weeks ago we had quite a treat. When I returned from Boulder, John said that he'd spotted a bird he'd never seen before.  He looked it up in one of our bird manuals and it turned out to be a Rose Breasted Grosbeak.  Fortunately I had the pleasure of spying this exquisite specimen two times before it went along its merry way.  This is a drawing I did which was inspired by that sighting.

The wisdom and wonder of nature is constantly awe inspiring and I look forward to each and every day of discovery.

(stock photo)