Fictional Miniature Rooms

A fantasy art studio. A conservatory I would love to be able to spend time in. Miniature environments I've put together with a collection of specially chosen items from my travels.  I love miniatures.  There is something about their tininess that I find especially charming.  It could also be that I still have a lot of little girl in me!  For several years, I planted miniature gardens in containers which surrounding these rooms.  Merrifield Garden Center has a wonderful selection of miniature plants and since it's still a bit too chilly for outdoor gardening, perhaps I will do some indoor landscaping this weekend!

The Art Studio

Niskua wanted to hang out with me while taking photos!

The miniature of Luncheon at the Boating Party, a Renoir painting, is from The Phillip's Collection gift shop.  We are so fortunate that the original resides at the Phillips because it's such a magnificent painting.  The exquisite 18th century French dresser reproduction is from the J. Paul Getty Museum Gift Shop in Los Angeles.  On the dresser: a bowl and pitcher from a friend who found it for me in her travels, a plate from Schoenbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria, and a decorative frame found locally at the Gem Show.  The wooden cat was made in Oaxaca and purchased on a trip to Cancun, Mexico. 

My dear friend, Christy, gave me the miniature watercolor painting she bought in Positano, Italy. The chair is a bottle opener from Anthropologie.

A few years ago, John and I visited the island of Capri in Italy where I bought the ceramic piece which I am using as a garden accent but is intended for holy water!  The large vase in the background is from a vendor at Olvera Street in Los Angeles.

I found this glass chandelier many years ago at Restoration Hardware during the holiday season.  I painted it with glass paint to make it nice and colorful!


The Conservatory

I would love to sit and read a book in this room!

The micro beaded pot is from a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the wire bicycle was purchased from a vendor at the Reston Asian Festival.

I found the bench on a miniatures website.  The hand painted tiles were a gift from my dear friend, Angela, who brought them back from Costa Rica.

A wooden pencil I bought in Utah.

My friend, Nancy, gave me the chandelier from her collection of Christmas ornaments knowing about my love of miniatures.  The tin sun/mirror is from a vendor at Olvera Street in Los Angeles.