Don't get me wrong, I don't like dusting, but when I get around to the often dreaded job, it enables me to look closely at the things I have collected or which have been gifted to me.  It also enables me to appreciate the beauty of the objects in my home.  As I dust framed photos, I think of the person in each photo which always brings back fond memories.  Picking up something that was a gift always reminds me of the person who gave it to me which makes me feel a sense of gratitude and warmth in my heart.  I begin to notice the arrangement on a coffee table or a collection of books on a bookshelf that I would have normally walked by.  But this doesn't have to be only in times of much needed dusting!  So last week I decided to take some photos to focus on some of the details.  It turned out to be somewhat meditative which can only mean it was a very healthy practice!  

We are all surrounded with wonderful details in our homes which are waiting to be noticed.  If you would like to to photograph and share some of yours, I will post them on my next blog!  Please send to