The Strange

Week before last, I visited my family in Katy, Texas, a suburb of Houston.  The night before I was supposed to come back home, a horrific storm hit.  I looked at the radar images on the and it showed a massive front sitting right on top of Houston.  Heavy rain, lightening, and thunder- ALL night long.  I have to say, I am used to thunder storms in Virginia but this one packed a whopper!  Needless to say, my flight was cancelled so I got to stay an extra day which made my nieces very happy!   I suggested we stay in pj's all day long and just goof off!   Besides having my makeup "done" and hair braided by Sydney, we all took turns making movie trailers on the iMovie app.  Sydney loves scary movies so this was the genre she chose for her trailer.  It was the best of the three.  Thought I'd share!