Sprucing Up

I am ready!  Ready for change!  It began with the mantle above the fireplace in the family room.  It was time to remove the pine cones, white lights and gold candles which I'd arranged for the winter season.  Things escalated from there.  I began rearranging the furniture but in order for a new configuration to work, I'd have to change a few pieces. That's when I envisioned a totally new look. Why not fantasize- I spent hours online looking for a new sofa; perhaps a sectional would look better.  Or was it the chair; suddenly John's brown leather recliner looked worn and a bit too large.  A contemporary entertainment unit?  The clean lines were so appealing.  My mind was dancing with new decorating ideas but for the time being I needed to work with what I had.  When John got home from work that night, he was surprised to see the whole room rearranged- his recliner had been moved from one end of the room to the other, the sofa in a different spot, and an accent chair removed and sitting in the middle of the kitchen on its way down to the basement!  He was such a good sport, "I am open to trying it out," he said.  The next morning when I saw the revamped room, I didn't care for the the arrangement at all!  It looked much better the way it was originally!  So, I spent the afternoon moving everything back to the way it was, only to admire how nice it looked and realized we didn't need anything new after all!  I ended up changing accessories and moving artwork and at the end of the day,  everything looked fresh and clean.  The minor tweaking was just change I needed.  I felt grateful for all I have, not only the physical, but for my state of mind.  I accepted that this was the process that was needed.  A gentle reminder to be grateful for all that is, albeit, the fantasizing was fun!