Variations on One Design

After receiving my fabric order last week and seeing my artwork printed on fabric I am excited to continue working on more designs!  I'd started working on the piece shown below when I read my friend Martha's blog,  She wrote about the difference between looking, and seeing, asking her readers to practice observing details in life.  She said, "Look is a glance.  See is understanding."  She suggested doing contour drawings to practice "seeing".  I noticed my cat, Niskua, sleeping nearby, the perfect model!  Contour drawing is done with one continuous line, never lifting the drawing instrument from the page.  I do most of my work on my iPad and the Apple Pencil has opened up a new world for drawing.  One of the features is the ability to create thick and thin lines depending on the pressure placed on the pencil.  It's my favorite tool and works superlatively with the Procreate drawing app.  I decided to cover the existing design with a solid layer and use the eraser tool for the contour drawing.  Using the eraser shows what is underneath the solid color.  Through Martha's prompting, I ended up spending over an hour doing contour drawings of Niskua, who was indeed the perfect model, as she never moved!