Milkweed Pods

I took these photos about 3 years ago at this very same time of year.  I was walking the dogs on a chilly day in November, when all trees and shrubs lay in a state of dormancy, not a green leaf in sight.  Suddenly, I spied a group of pods filled with seeds and silk.  It was a feast for my eyes to see such beauty among the surrounding bareness. At the time, I didn't recognize the pods as part of a decaying milkweed plant.  I brought the pods home and laid them on a piece of dark colored velveteen.  I took them into my garden room where the sun shines through a prism which hangs from the south facing window.  Each morning, the floors, walls, and ceiling, are filled with spots of color from all colors in the spectrum. I placed the pods strategically to absorb this warm glow and took many, many photographs with my iPhone.  Yes, iPhone! I was really happy with the photos as they turned out amazingly clear. I ended up framing these three and they hang in my entry.

Since then I have learned a lot about milkweed, or the botanical name, Asclepias. It provides the nectar of life at the caterpillar stage of Monarch butterflies.  What a magnificent display of the wisdom of nature.