The Beauty of a Persimmon Tree

I have lived in northern Virginia for over twenty years and it's natural beauty never ceases to amaze me.  As I take my dogs on their daily walk, I pass by woods, marshes, a lake, and up the road, even a county park which is a working farm, each, a microcosm with incredible discoveries to be found.  The key is to be open to the inconspicuous.  

Each day I challenge myself to take note of something I have never seen before and I am never disappointed.  One day last year, in the dead of winter, it was particularly challenging because the landscape was so barren.  I felt discouraged as I neared the end of my walk but I turned a corner and up ahead, there it was, a Great Blue Heron standing majestically at the edge of the lake.  Unbothered by my two dogs, it let me stand a close ten feet away and admire it's beauty.  I was so grateful for that amazing gift!

Most of the year the Common Persimmon Tree goes unnoticed but early fall it produces a beautiful small fruit.  It even has a color named after it- persimmon red.  Shades of golden yellow and citron blend with persimmon red showing the level of ripeness.  By the end of fall when the skin wrinkles and the fruit falls easily off the limbs, it is ready to eat.  I plan on keeping my eye out so that I can grab some before the raccoons and other critters devour the sweet, flavorful morsels!

Photography info: Two photos were layered using the Superimpose app.  Pattern of leaves was created layering individual photos of leaves I found one day after a rain storm then adjusted the photo using Evernote.