A Skittish Bird

Last week I met my dear friend, Jacqi, at United States Geological Survey in Reston, Virginia, where she works as an engineer.  USGS is surrounded by acres of wooded land with meandering paths throughout.  After lunch, we walked along a path where we noticed an array of beautiful rust/orange/yellow, spotted, worm eaten leaves, scattered on the ground.  We gathered an assortment and Jacqi said, "This is one of the reasons why we are such good friends, I've mentioned the leaves to others who reply with an uninspired, "Yes, they are pretty", but you and I are in awe of each and every one!"

Although spring is usually the time for baby birds and animals of all sorts, I've  noticed an abundance of baby cardinals this fall being raised in the utopia of bird habitats; the Hansen backyard!  We not only have sunflower and safflower seed at hand, but two bird baths, and several 30 foot tall hollys which supply a safe haven for roosting and reproduction!  Although the young birds do not show much color, I know the bright red is soon to come, which inspired me to use the multi colored leaves to create a cardinal, my all time favorite, albeit, the most skittish of birds! 

Photography info:  I took individual photos of each leaf and the bark.  Using the Procreate app, I removed the background.  I collected the photos on the Superimpose app and created the cardinal by layering.