In Memory of Scott Dinsmore

The reason I committed to writing a blog is is through the encouragement and inspiration of a beautiful young man, Scott Dinsmore.   A few months ago, I joined his movement called Living Your Legend.  Every week I receive his emails which I thoroughly enjoy because they are filled with positive messages about life and living your passion.  One of them was about a Start a Blog Challenge.  He believed that this was the single most important daily habit in finding and doing the work you love.  So here I am, finding my way, through writing and sharing my creative endeavors.  All through the inspiration I received from Scott Dinsmore.

This morning I was reading his email from over a week ago,  "I'm Going Off the Grid: Therapy for an Addicted & Over-Connected World".  He explained that since starting Living Your Legend he was joined at the hip to the internet and needed a break.  He and his wife decided to visit Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.  He went on to write about how important it is to take a pause- that it's a place where all of his best ideas have come from.  "So, I am going off the grid."  Ending the email with, "See you in a few weeks, -Scott."

Coincidentally, as I was reading, my husband walked in the room and asked if I'd read today's email from Living Your Legend.  It was from the Living Your Legend team to inform us that Scott had passed away after being hit by falling rocks while nearing the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.  This beautiful, energetic, incredible, young man.  Gone.  My heart broke as if I knew him personally.  In a way I feel I did, because he gave so much of himself and asked nothing in return.  He was living his dream and being the change he wanted to see in this world.  How many of us can leave this life having affected the lives of thousand and thousands of people?   He leaves an amazing legacy- having lived his legend.