Heirloom Tomato with Roots

This past weekend a dear friend gave us a bag of home grown tomatoes.  There was one in particular which stood out because of its beautiful, large, irregular shape, and crimson red color.  Turns out its an heirloom tomato who's roots (no pun intended!) go back to Croatia.  Our friend, Tom, told us that his neighbors's grandfather who still lives in Greece, handed down the seeds to his family to insure propagation.  Tom received one of the plants and he had a windfall crop this year!  

My friend Christy has an incredible collection of vintage pottery and recently shared a few pieces with me.  This adorable little burro is one of them and I thought showing it hauling the huge tomato would make for a whimsical scene.

The first photo I took was with a solid white background.  I use the sunlight shining through a prism which reflects on the walls of my garden room to cast light in the center of the tomato.  I often use this rainbow of natural light in my photography.  Then I took a photo of the tomato and removed the background of both the tomato and the main image using the Procreate app.  I used Superimpose to create a mask and repeated it to create a pattern.  Using the Evernote app I manipulated the photo and tried several scenarios until I decided a dark background looked best.  I touched up the photo with Procreate to smudge the edges of the ceramic piece so that it didn't look like it was laying on top of the background and finalized it using the "duo" feature in Evernote which gave me the two colors.