Halloween in Houston

There is a twenty-year age difference between my sister, Jen, and I.  From the first time she dressed up for Halloween at age four, I delighted in making costumes for her every year of her young life.  The tradition has continued with my nieces, her daughters, who are now eleven and sixteen years old.  When they lived in California, I mailed their costumes to them but didn't get to see them wearing the costumes in person.  But three years ago they moved to Katy, Texas, and we've spent every Halloween together since then!  It's their favorite holiday and Jen decorates to the hilt, indoors and outdoors!  Their home is warm and cosy and filled with pumpkins and all sorts of Halloween decor.  Outside, the tree trunks are covered with bright orange lights and ghosts and ghouls hang from the branches.  It makes for a very festive Halloween!

Sydney is now sixteen years old and not interested in a full costume, but donned Minnie Mouse ears this year!

Lauren is eleven years old and chose to dress up as a nature fairy.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with beautiful fabrics and colors in making this costume!  

I also had some fun manipulating the photos using various photography apps.