Just For The Dogs

My little grand-dog, Rocky, is a regular over night quest at our house.  Earlier in the year, Eric stayed with us for a few months and Rocky got used to living here.  Eric is now living back at his apartment but Rocky still stays with us quite often.  Originally we had a pack of two but now it's three and it was getting a bit crowded in bed!  So I got to thinking that we needed a bed larger than a king size!  As far as I know, no such thing exists, except in Japan where we slept in a humongous bed at our hotel in Kyoto.  Leave it to those clever Japanese!  This is where one of my favorite quotes applies.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I asked John to build a platform the size of a crib mattress and high enough to be flush with our bed.  (gosh forbid the dogs have to step up or down!)  I ordered a crib mattress and placed a fluffy comforter around it for padding and upholstered it using a quilt I had in storage.  The soft throw with a dog bone motif was the perfect finishing touch.  Bodie has been sleeping in it at night and I have to say that minus one dog leaning against me has made a big difference!